Responsible for all food preparation so that all food meets, or exceeds, Western States Senior & Retirement Communities service standards. Prepare all food to meet quantity and service schedule requirements. Handle food in accordance with sanitary procedures and standards. Comply with all government regulatory procedures regarding food production.
Prepare food items using Western States Senior & Retirement Communities standardized recipes so that all food meets Western States Senior & Retirement Communities service standards.
Plan meals based on menu and recipe requirements; determine amount and type of food and supplies required for daily menus; obtain necessary supplies from storage areas in adequate time for meal production.
Obtain approval from supervisor on all food substitutions.
Prepare or supervise the preparation of all food served; prepare special dietary needs as directed by health care requirements; monitor quality of food items during production for taste, smell, appearance and temperature.
Plan food production to coordinate with meal serving hours, so that quality, temperature and appearance of food meet Western States Senior & Retirement Communities service standards
Prepare food in a cost efficient and effective manner; utilize materials and equipment safely, efficiently and effectively.
Practice all safety and loss prevention procedures; adhere to universal precautions and all infection control guidelines.
Assist in serving and portioning food items before and during meal service.
Assist in proper documentation and maintenance of menus and recipes.
Attend in services as required.
Maintain and protect the confidentiality of resident information at all times.
Perform any other reasonable task as assigned by the supervisor.
Ability to read, write and follow instructions in order to follow standardized recipes and other written instructions.
One year experience as cook, performing preparation of a full-line of menu items including therapeutic diets.
Ability to physically handle weights up to and including 30 pounds.
Possess a current Food Handler's Permit.
Ability to prepare food in a senior housing environment which meets or exceeds Western States Retirement Communities service standards.
Willingness to work with the elderly.
Please send resumes to davidn@wslm.biz

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